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Wayflowering is a regenerative social enterprise creating careers for refugees. Regenerative farming is an approach to agriculture that works to restore the natural health of the soil. By composting, adding organic matter, planting perennial crops, cover cropping, and minimizing soil disruption, we can rebuild biodiversity and sequesters significant amounts of carbon, combatting climate change. We are pesticide and herbicide free. We provide a local #netzero alternative to industrial cut flowers which have heavy carbon footprints and questionable labor practices.


Our flower fields support 20 bee hives on the farm, a number of local cooperative hives and countless wild pollinators.  



Meet The Farmers


Christine Mahoney

Founder & Farmer

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After a 20-year career researching, writing and teaching about solutions for refugee and displaced empowerment, Christine launched Wayflowering to put ideas into action. More at: 

Rafael Sanchez

Director of Operations

With over 20 years of agricultural experience, Rafael has been the vineyard manager at a number of local wineries, he began his career in Californian vineyards.

Mateso horizontal headshot.png

Mateso Buluma

Flower Production & Harvesting

Mateso has been at home in the garden since growing with his mother on the Congo/ Tanzania border. He has experience landscaping and growing his own flowers for market.

Wayfaring Stranger (By David Mumford, Musical composition licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported, CC BY 3.0)
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